Transition Network

The Transition Network has a great deal of information about the Transition movement as well as many free resources and links to support Transition initiatives, as well as training courses, a newsletter and more.

I was interested in the recent strategy document to find out what the aims for the Network were.

Transition Network’s draft Strategy 2014-17


Transition for all!!! See the Strategy for the full text.


Four main roles:

1. holding the Transition ‘source code’

2. catalysing and supporting the spread of Transition globally

3. coordinating and supporting the National Hubs Network

4. acting as a UK National Hub

Strategic Outcomes

1. people within and beyond the Transition movement hear a consistent and compelling story of Transition that inspires them to act, connect and experiment

2. people involved in Transition are better able to access and share information, tools, skills, resources, support and training when needed

3. more people are able to create livelihoods which deliver wellbeing, community resilience and social justice while respecting resource limits

4. more Transition initiatives demonstrate that they can achieve significant positive impacts within their communities (transforming economies, increasing wellbeing, community ownership and community resilience, reducing carbon emissions, addressing social justice issues, fostering social innovation, improving local democratic processes and establishing more healthy human cultures)

5. the Transition movement spreads, strengthens and evolves internationally, supported by a thriving National Hub with increased governance role within Transition Network

6. Transition Network develops a healthy and creative internal organisational culture, supported by transparent and effective structures, processes and working practices – learning about, and modelling, the change we want to see in the world