Transition and me

I was actively engaged in Transition Town Lewes in its inception and first year in 2007 and 2008, gaining experience of the development of small organisations from the initial core group to establishing working groups of about one hundred volunteers, putting on programmes of events, including talks and Open Space, documenting the process on a wiki website, and being involved in the Energy Descent Action Plan group. This was what inspired me to do a permaculture design course and to work in community. My family and I had moved away from Lewes to Germany and then travelled for a year in China, moving back to the UK, near Forest Row, and now I wanted to reconnect with Transition.

Coming to the end of my diploma, I had developed certain interests and areas I wished to pursue (see review) and with these in mind, I surveyed local Transition initiatives, Lewes and Forest Row as well as Totnes for inspiration and wrote down the projects I was particularly interested in. I then grouped them into themes, resulting in the following.

Transition Community

  • Transition Streets
  • Transition Tales
  • Transition events: films, talks, cafes, street parties, Open Eco Homes, Open Gardens
  • Houseshare
  • Transition health centre
  • transport: car clubs, buses, cycle paths & footpaths

Transition Growing

  • Gardenshare
  • Food Hubs
  • Local Food Link
  • Local food markets
  • community growing projects
  • access to land

Transition Learning

  • Skillshare
  • Community action learning events, for example Open Space, World Cafe
  • Transition courses

Transition Business

  • Gift economy
  • REconomy
  • Repair/upcycle centres
  • Local Entrepreneur Forum
  • renewable energy companies
  • Transition design services