my Transition community

Who is my community?

From my community zones analysis, I am involved in many different communities:

  • my family and friends network which spreads over countries
  • the intentional community in which I live
  • our neighbouring villages within easy walking distance, West Hoathly and Sharpthorne, as yet we have only been involved in the Open Gardens event as part of this community
  • our nearest larger village, Forest Row, where the children go to school and we travel to every week day and the associated school community
  • East Grinstead is an occasional shopping destination
  • Brighton Permaculture Trust community – those great permaculture people who I love working with and inspire me all the time draw me to make the drive to Brighton, hopefully stacked in with lots of other functions to make the journey more ethical.

Rather than being limited by parish and county boundaries, I wanted to be active in all the communities I am involved in, however as I set the communities within walking distance as those in which I would aim to spend most time, ie Hoathly Hill, West Hoathly and Sharpthorne. Notably, a solution to expanding the boundaries so my children can go to school in a more healthy way than by car and so I can go to Lewes and be with my Brighton fellows and perhaps even go to the capital are public transport and cycle paths.

Where are my communities in the Transition process?

  • my family and friends: take an interest in what I do and I’m always talking about it, my partner and children live it with me
  • Hoathly Hill Community: many members are aware of Transition from Transition Forest Row events, there is a general awareness and impulse towards sustainability, several members have done permaculture courses, many have been involved in biodynamics, there is a community heating system and general awareness of living in community, no explicit Transition process
  • West Hoathly and Sharpthorne: as far as I’m aware there has been no village initiative in Transition, there is a Neighbourhood Plan, there is the Open Kitchen Gardens event, and I must find out more about my neighbours!
  • Forest Row: Transition Forest Row and Mike Grenville, who is holding the initiative and involved in regional and national things Transition, there are several Transition projects, but there seems to be a lull in activities as the movement has left its pioneering phase and has developed its structure
  • Brighton: Transition Brighton has, apparently, dissolved, but there’s lots of good stuff going on in pockets
  • Lewes: Transition Town Lewes is well-established in particular with the community energy company, OVESCO, the weekly Food Market that complements the monthly Farmers’ Market, and the Lewes Pound