my aims

Diploma Pathway review

This is my final design for the Diploma and is a future-oriented design, exploring how I personally transition from doing the diploma and developing my permaculture learning and practice. See my final evaluation for the Learning Pathway for the detail. The main aims drawn from this were:

  • embedding working with nature in my life and designs
  • develop working as a permaculture designer and teacher: continuing to work with Brighton Permaculture, becoming a diploma tutor, connecting with the PA.

My vision for 2020

I’m living in a vibrant community, highly-localised, self-reliant and integrated with time for each other and working together.

Our home is a well-insulated off-grid house made of natural materials. We have a beautiful, small edible garden which provides all our greens and fruit needs. There is communal land for community food growing projects and I work one day a week on this.

I have a multi-stream work life centred around Transition. I work for Transition Community, a local Transition initiative, in their community building activities. I am also involved in Transition Learning, a social enterprise with a Skillshare scheme, projects in schools, permaculture courses and Transition consultancy.

Although I have a busy work life, I have a lot of time for my family and for myself. I spend time every day with my parents and children and close friends, eating and socialising in the early evenings. I have time every morning and in the evenings to walk and practice yoga and taiji, as well as piano. We also take time out for at least a month every year to relax, rejuvenate and review.

My aims

From this visioning exercise, I have three focal aims for this design:

  • doing stuff, being outside
  • working collaboratively
  • right livelihood.