ethics and principles

Bearing the key points of intervention in mind, I revisted the Transition projects I listed in the survey and analysed if they were at the permaculture ‘sweet spot’. I also generated design ideas using permaculture principles. I also explored how I could apply Mollison’s design methods.

The sweet spot

projects sweet spot

This analysis was a little artificial in that I was not analysing real projects, however it was interesting in that it seemed that the creation of some kind of hub of projects might have most potential impact. Of course, all projects can be designed to hit the sweet spot as far as possible.

Permaculture principles

principles to design ideas

Here I used the principles to generate ideas for the design. It was really a brainstorming exercise and would yield much better results if done with others.

Mollison’s design methods


Mollison design methods

I will be applying the design methods Mollison listed in The Designer’s Manual as follows:

  • design by observation: the S of SADI
  • design by analysis: the A of SADI
  • design by nature’s lessons: applying permaculture principles
  • incremental design: creating a pathway and working on designs within designs in collaboration with others over time.