Implementation design

The main principles for the implementation were:

  • each element performs many functions: I prioritised the implementation of this design in my diplomas as a whole as it provided a foundation for my diploma in reviewing and expanding my permaculture knowledge base, experience and working practice
  • observe and interact: taking opportunities to participate in local permaculture courses
  • from pattern to detail: working holistically developing my permaculture design experience and specialisms through my permaculture designs, and my permaculture teaching experience in different roles, ie as observer, supporter, convenor and tutor
  • creating beneficial connections: working collaboratively as a priority as a learning experience

Summary of the implementation


  • Training of Teachers
  • observing and supporting permaculture courses
  • Brighton Permaculture Trust’s Trainee Teacher Scheme
  • Learning and teaching toolbox


  • continuing to work with Brighton Permaculture Trust: as a supporter, TTS, convenor for PDC
  • my local permaculture teaching and learning guild
  • design activity design
  • Intro session plans
  • CPD in my other diploma projects: Community Facilitation Training, Effective Groups Training, Holacracy Training,¬†Action Learning Facilitator Training, Forest Gardening Training


  • teaching Intro courses, working in an Intro team for Brighton Permaculture Trust
  • teaching on Brighton Permaculture Trust’s PDC
  • Forest Garden educational programme 2014
  • short course designs: Working Collaboratively, Community Living, Energy