The Forest Garden Year 2014

This is the design for the 2014 programme for Hoathly Hill Forest Garden.


I surveyed our resources, challenges, opportunities and needs of our internal environment by exploring our group and the site, and the external environment. I also found out the dates of the Celtic festivals for 2014 and kept a separate page for ideas as they came up in the survey stage.

internal and external environments

forest garden 2014 survey enviro

forest garden 2014 survey ex enviro

seasonal festival dates

forest garden 2014 survey celtic

design ideas


forest garden 2014 ideas


I used permaculture ethics and principles to analyse our situation and generate ideas for our programme.

forest garden 2014 analysis ethics

forest garden 2014 analysis principles



  • drawing on our existing resources and skills and developing them
  • integrating the land-based activities with course and outreach
  • creating connections with other groups and educators
  • low maintenance activities to work with the ever present limiting factors of time and money and keep it enjoyable
  • creating a yield for the land, us as a group and others

forest garden 2014 leaflet 1

forest garden 2014 leaflet 2