Maintenance overview

From pattern to detail to integration

The first stage – planting the trees

The project is designed to be low maintenance and high yield. High input and careful design of the tree planting and decisions on shaping the trees at the beginning ensures that even if there was no maintenance for the next decade, the garden would still develop into a high yielding, diverse orchard. Ensuring sufficient funding in place in advance also ensures no catching up on finances is needed. Creating a harvest plan for the coming yield of fruit ensures no waste.

The second stage – planting the seeds

The project focus on education and increasing participation in the site ensures more people resources for the design, implementation and maintenance of different layers of the forest garden. Encouraging individuals and groups to take on an area of the project encourages ownership and participation and builds people’s connection to the land, improves skills and encourages people to work together.

The third stage – succession

As the project grows, we aim to get more funding to develop the project further in terms of the care of the land as well as increased participation in terms of the management of the project.