Community observation and visioning


Together with Lucy, fellow forest gardener and theatre professional, I facilitated a couple of design sessions for the community focusing on observation and visioning. We began by giving a brief overview of the design process and went into unthemed observation on site. We then fed back these observations in the whole group and then drew pictures and described our visions for the site, first individually and then in the whole group.

We gathered a rich harvest of observations and wonderfully the visions for the site had striking similarities. Both sessions were very positive and trust building.

Visions of the Forest Garden ~ notes from workshops

Saturday 21st April


Very strong feeling that all the children should be encouraged to contribute something – maybe paint a stone and add it in
Plant different types of grass
Not heavily built up
Birch trees in the middle
Sacred space
Not a labyrinth
One area flows to another
Bluebells – different flowers
Allowing air to circulate


Thinning out old – e.g. holly – bringing new planting up to meet it
One day take out the fence between the veg and the Forest Garden?
Crack the square
Emphasise the round in the windbreak hedge
Paths cut across from circle to circle

Saturday 26th May


Another, bigger roundhouse – somewhere to be in all weathers, in every season
Use the ‘sponsor a plant’ idea, as is planned for bee garden
Important to have space
Importance of a view
Clearings with flowers in (bluebells, foxgloves..)
Games, adventures, theatre…
A lovely playing space
Useful to contact Steve Alton @ Wakehurst
Our own Eden project


Quite planted up
Clearing in middle
Design more integrated (not so visible)
Design support
BEES (we must be their guardians)
Winter flowering plants
Honey as medicine


Compare with a Steiner Kindergarten – everything set up for play
Connection to and service of (offerings to) the bees