Dragon Dreaming ethics and principles

At the foundation of Dragon Dreaming are the following ‘objectives’ or you might call them core ethics as a response to today’s dominating culture and challenges:

  • service to earth
  • community building
  • personal growth.

There are also certain ‘attitudinal principles':

  • being in touch with nature
  • being in touch with different people and contexts
  • observing and reflecting
  • listening deeply
  • seeking signs, visible and invisible
  • connecting with your dreams and visions
  • meditation
  • win-win culture/

Fischer Consulting in Germany shows the principles of Dragon Dreaming thus:


Permaculture design?

The ethics of Dragon Dreaming are comparable to permaculture ethics. Although formulated slightly differently, there is nothing missing on this more general level. Interestingly there is more explicit focus on personal development and collaboration than in the permaculture ethics.

The guiding principles of Dragon Dreaming seem to be more focused on the attitudinal principles of the designers or collaborators rather than the ecosystem-based principles of permaculture.