In Dragon Dreaming, celebration is reflection, feedback and evaluation, as well as gratitude and recognition, and also delegating and moving on.

During the course, we were lucky enough to have guitar players and singers to encourage us to dance quietly.

My personal reflections on the herb garden design:

  • my initial impulse for the herb garden was a very personal one, however through the process, I saw how this individual dream could be realised through working with others
  • I gained insight into why the herb garden was a dream for me, as yet unrealised: I was at the threshold between dreaming and doing and stuck there – sharing the dream, drawing on collective wisdom helped me design small steps towards realising whatever the herb garden project would be, while allowing me to design in spending time to observe and study herbs and also get to know the plant life of my immediate environment.

Some feedback I got from others was:

  • it sounds like a personal vision
  • let go of the form it should take and take the quality of the impulse
  • let go of the individual dream and find a dream team
  • create a network of interested people.


Indeed in the permaculture design processes used widely in the UK, the M of the design cycles ensures the monitoring (included in the Dragon Dreaming doing phase) and maintenance tools of feedback, evaluation and reflection, leading back round the cycle to dreaming.