wider zones

Zones 0 to 2 are the focus for the garden design work. Zone 3 is also frequently visited as the excellent biodynamic school vegetable garden and the local biodynamic dairy and vegetable farm are on the route to and from school done almost every week day by both my partner and myself.

Buying in soil improver, bark mulch, logs is from a local provider. We could solely use the compost created in the community, but fair shares dictates that we don’t take all for the implementation of our garden design as there would be none left for others or the CSA scheme. Long-term maintenance of the garden can be done with the community compost. Bark mulch and logs will need to be part of a community project: perhaps this is a possible new community project.

Buying in seed and plants is again something for the initial phase of the project when there is high input into the garden in a relatively short period of time, although seed and plant swaps have been useful, it’s a bit hit and miss and often the guarantee of organic quality is not there.

There was much for wildlife in the garden as we came to it and then less so once we did the initial implementation. The aim is to bring Zone 5 into the garden in the awareness of the living soil, plants and animals. More visits to local woods and walking holidays is in fact our most profound aim.

 Our community zones and connections

Hoathly Hill 500 zones connectionsweb

Our zone zero is our house; our zone one is our garden and Hoathly Hill Community is our zone two. Everything is within easy walking distance and there are many different paths around the community to travel along to your destination. I haven’t marked all of these; for simplicity I have shown the main entrance and exits from our house as well as our most frequent destinations. When going outside the community, we use the front door to the car park. When going somewhere inside the community, we often use the back door. We expect people to use our front door, although often people use the back door. Several times a week we go to the herb garden, the two community buildings, the compost area, as well as the main house and the main courtyard of houses to visit friends.