whole garden implementation

We moved back into the house in April 2013 and began the implementation of the new design.

Implementation plan

We started with a broad implementation plan for 2013 as our main focus was settling back into the house and finishing internal renovations. This winter I will create a more detailed garden plan, including sowing, planting, harvesting and pruning.

Spring 2013

implement the front garden design for the area next to the house

implement the redesign of the back garden

Summer 2013 & Autumn 2013

focus on the house and enjoy the garden

create a herb lawn on the front garden area over the path

Winter 2013

implement the structural aspects of the side garden design: cut back the hedge to the car park, create the beds, create the pond, plant the apple tree, make the wildlife homes

create a detailed growing plan for the coming year

Spring 2014

begin the growing year

Summer 2014

construct the workshop


The implementation so far (til winter 2013)

It was great to see the perennials already looking strong in the cold spring we had.


The side of the house was left with very dry, compacted bare soil as most of the traffic for the building work took place here.


We constructed the new raised beds at the front of the house.


Mixed some seeds for the polyculture.


And a few weeks later…


We gave the work of the brick patio to our builder and Tilo constructed the raised beds, while I was designing and ordering herbs!


The kitchen/garden edge…


The second year of the blueberry and cranberry bed with a rogue willow doing very well!


The culinary bed with annual greens and herbs with myrtle in the middle for the symbolism from Greek mythology being sacred to the goddesses Aphrodite and Demeter as well as being nitrogen-fixing and beautiful.


The healing herb bed with the as yet small pear tree and fruit bushes in the background.


The second year of the apricot tree guild with lupins flourishing at last!