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Hoathly Hill Community

We live in Hoathly Hill Community, an intentional community situated between two villages, Sharpthorne and West Hoathly, in West Sussex. The Community comprises 26 residential units and about 22 acres of land, including a 15 acre field currently worked as a hay meadow, a acre of paddock worked as community allotments and a forest garden, a small herb garden, a square lawn area and a playing field.


A closer view of the Community shows the main residential area, including the two community buildings: Arc Hall and The Barn.

Hoathly Hill 500 base mapweb

  • bordering the back garden is the community car park on the south side, our neighbour’s garden on the north side, to the west it is the pottery studio and the house is to the east
  • a community greenhouse backs on to our back garden
  • a large herb garden very near to the house
  • also very near are several community buildings, the Sculpture Studio, the Pottery Studio, the Barn and Arc Hall
  • a community compost area about five minutes walk away from the house to put composting material and with compost available for use
  • plum and apple trees available for general picking in the community
  • beds available for vegetable and fruit growing in an area near the compost area in the community – my partner and our two sons have allotment beds here
  • a community supported agriculture scheme
  • the community has access to 15 acres of land which is currently worked as a hay meadow and small farm attached to the kindergarten in the community
  • a group of community members who have formed a forest garden group and are planning community forest garden near the community vegetable beds