renewing the vision


We spent time together renewing and deepening our vision for our garden. We did this together as a family and I also spoke with each person individually.

Interestingly everyone’s ideas had become more detailed. It was evident that we had all learnt about ┬ápermaculture design principles and perennial plants. It was as if we now wanted to settle in to the garden space.

I wanted to deepen my skills and experience of growing food and herbs. Tilo wanted to create space for housing various things.

My children, in addition to having fruit to pick every day, had also developed specific ideas for elements they would like to have in the garden. Semyon, my older son, wanted a workshop space for himself to do woodwork in and to relax in, as well as generally more privacy in the garden by having a back garden gate and maybe a fence. Ilya, my younger son, really focused on a vision of encouraging wildlife into the garden, and also wanted a more private space for relaxing. The garden is too small for running around in and the children have the communal grounds and a neighbouring woodland for play, so their focus for our garden was one of a private space for relaxing together as a family.