back garden maintenance

Because the garden is zone zero/oneĀ and it is our primary resource for our food and drink, it can be tended daily, indeed going into the garden is part of our wider vision to be outside more and gain more skills in the garden, however long term low maintenance was a consideration throughout the design. We chose to put those plants needing most attention nearest the back door: annuals and pots needing watering. We chose perennials plants around these for increased resilience and lower maintenance.

In terms of improving our skills and becoming inspired, and based on the principles of experiential learning and learning with others, we decided to:

  • keep records of the plants and how to care for them
  • collect recipes for our plants
  • gain experience in the care of the garden by daily observation and constant interaction
  • consult people in the community with gardening knowledge and experience
  • volunteer for the CSA scheme and at Michael Hall Garden
  • books, videos, magazines for consultation and inspiration
  • visit other gardens.