back garden implementation

Winter 2011/12

  • take out large woody plants and ornamentals
  • replace the fence to the car park and add a trellis on the top
  • put a trellis up towards the neighbour
  • construct two terraces to the back
  • construct a bed for erricaceous plants
  • order and plant trees and shrubs
  • lay out new paths
  • mulch with cardboard and horse manure

Spring 2012

  • order and plant herbs and flowers for bees
  • order and sow vegetable seeds in greenhouse
  • do plant lists including details and care
  • look into storing and preserving fruits and herbs
  • produce a costing
  • care for the plants

Summer 2012

  • enjoy the garden!

Autumn/winter 2012/13

  • move out while renovating and extending the house
  • reflect on a review back garden design
  • design the side and front gardens