back garden evaluation

What went well?

  • using the design process of SADI was good in that it was a simple design process with clear stages for a land-based design
  • I learnt a great deal about gardening
  • it was good to start small and close to home to gain some experience before doing the whole garden
  • it was good to focus on the back garden because building work did use the rest of our garden space and also if was great to have perennial plants already establishing themselves over the winter when we had moved out of our home to come back to in the spring: they had looked after themselves and were sprouting up early
  • we all got involved in shaping the garden, getting the main structure of the back garden with its terraces and trellises and paths in quickly
  • we managed to make a good start on realising our vision for a productive back garden

What was challenging?

  • drawing maps – unfortunately I had no experience in drawing maps before this
  • the analysis phase was tricky in that I was unsure of how to use many design tools which limited my analysis
  • my hesitation and uncertainty in practical gardening

What is the vision?

  • to complete a great design for a resilient, diverse, productive and beautiful garden for the whole family

What are my next steps?

  • support on Pippa’s Practical Permaculture Gardening course
  • volunteer with the CSA and Michael Hall Garden
  • organise a skills tutorial in technical drawing with my father
  • begin the second design cycle