home garden design

“What was paradise but a garden, an orchard of trees and herbs.

Full of pleasure, and nothing there but delights.”

William Lawson, 1553-1635, Vicar of Ormesby, author of A New Orchard and Garden

This design was one of the first of my diploma. A seemingly small project worked on many levels: our individual needs for the outside space around our home, how to work together as a family group in a design process and implementation, how we connected with the earth immediately around our home and further afield, gaining skills in observing the landscape, developing our food growing skills, our eating and shopping habits, our contribution to care of community land and local growing projects.

Our vision for the garden…

frontpagecloud web


a beautiful space abundant with a diversity of fruit, herbs, greens and wildlife

to learn, relax and eat in for our family and others

The design

Phase one: the back garden

back garden concept map

Phase two: the garden as a whole

whole garden concept plan

The design process

There were two distinct phases. The first in which we wanted to design the back garden and get some growing experience as soon as possible after a relatively short observation period. And the second involving a redesign of the back garden after a year of growing and further and deeper observation as well as a design for the side and front garden after we had renovated and extended the house.

Highlights for me…

watching the garden grow

from pattern


to detail