Zone 00

In exploring the vision I have for my life, my aims and what I wanted to achieve, I can embed those into the diploma.


Living a conscious and inspiring life for myself, my family and others in tune with nature.


  • growing food for my family

  • living in a sustainable home

  • discovering more about the earth and the heavens around me, in particular the local landscape and the stars and planets

  • becoming more healthy by living harmoniously with myself, those around me and nature

  • developing my practice of qigong, taiji and yoga

  • walking with my family regularly

  • engaging in community life

  • teaching permaculture

  • creating a forest garden

  • learning about bees

  • creating a herb garden

  • creating a living from this work

  • ensuring my children grow up with the skills to be able to feed, clothe, house, educate and develop themselves


  • a beautiful and abundant garden to feed and nurture my family

  • a simple, energy efficient home with space to have guest on a short-term and long-term basis

  • research project on local ecology

  • research project on the planets

  • active engagement in community life

  • beginning a forest garden project

  • beginning a herb garden project

  • my children have access to gain practical skills and cultural and ecological awareness

  • a bee study group

  • walking regularly

  • practising qigong regularly

  • practising yoga regularly

  • practising taiji regularly

  • working as a permaculture teacher

  • working as a qigong teacher