Observation reflection

What went well?

  • Focusing attention on my learning patterns and vision for the diploma.
  • Exploring different perspectives on learning.
  • Reconnecting with permaculture design.
  • Sharing action learning pathways with other diplomats and tutorials from experienced permaculture designers.

What was challenging?

  • The wide scope of the observation, but was however fruitful at this stage in not limiting observations.
  • The limited nature of the perspectives on learning and the historical and institutional context of the research.

Long term vision

  • I would like to make a practice of observing.
  • I wish to explore different approaches to learning that are more spiritual and nature based and use that as a foundation in teaching permaculture.
  • I would like to explore nature and embed permaculture design in nature.

Next steps

  • The analysis phase of this design.

My key learnings

  • Allow time to relax in and enjoy the observation stage.
  • The stages of the design process are sometimes difficult to separate out.