Every step of the way

I decided to work with a design framework widely used in UK permaculture circles: SADI. I chose this one after making the observations that I needed to refresh the learning from my Permaculture Design Course and it was the most simple design process for my first design.

Survey – My Learning Base Map

I put a lot of time into the survey stage as I felt it was necessary to review my permaculture learning and experiences, explore and experiment with the design process as well as assess my learning patterns and make observations about my life and projects. All this to be integrated into the diploma! I began the diploma with a vision and a list of potential projects. I spent a year observing and exploring permaculture learning to create my learning base map before finally designing the diploma.

In the survey stage, I surveyed the requirements for the diploma, my learning patterns, my life and work, my aims for the diploma and made a start on gaining a better understanding of what permaculture was all about. As I reviewed and expanded my permaculture learning, I created several toolboxes for my design work and teaching.

Analysis – What does it all mean?

I wanted to review and get more experience in using different design tools, so just tried out many widely used analysis tools. I began to identify several areas to spend more time on and which might easily became projects in themselves, such as a Research Pathway and Teaching and Learning Pathway.

Action Learning Pathway Design – The pathway as pilgrimage

In the process of observation and analysis of my life, vision, aims, learning needs and style, I developed my vision and pathway for the diploma had become clearer. I made several different versions of the design and created toolboxes to use as a permaculture designer and teacher.

Implementation – Setting out on the journey

The implementation is documented in my diploma portfolio. The ongoing projects were designed to function as a maintenance design for the diploma. I evaluated and reflected on the Action Learning Pathway regularly in guilds and also individually. I also tweaked the design at the midway point after a midway review.