Diploma vision


    To apply permaculture design in my life and work and in the wider community in service of exploring and disseminating ways of living and working in harmony with nature.


  • over the next two years gain a qualification and experience in permaculture design in order to be able to work in that field professionally
  • become resilient in my home life in terms of health, food, shelter, clothing and work
  • innovate in permaculture design and inspire others
  • gain skills in edible gardening, herb gardening, forest gardening
  • engage with and contribute to community life constructively
  • gain more understanding of nature, in particular through observation, study, walking, celebrating festivals, and apply this to the design process
  • become a teacher of permaculture, allowing all people to participate in a real, creative and active learning environment
  • reconnect with the Transition Movement
  • apply permaculture ethics, principles, design processes and design tools in my projects and other projects

Learning outcomes

  • a qualification in permaculture design
  • ten permaculture designs in all zones
  • work in permaculture design and related fields professionally
  • become a teacher of permaculture design
  • gain practical and design experience in vegetable growing on a family scale and forest gardening
  • gain an understanding of nature through observation and study and write a book on nature’s patterns
  • gain experience and expertise in working with groups and in communities
  • connecting and working with the Permaculture Association
  • disseminating the diploma on the internet