HHT Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

This strategic plan for Hoathly Hill Trust was developed in 2013. The Board of Directors initiated a review and consultation process both internally and together with members of Hoathly Hill Trust and Hoathly Hill Community. The plan sets out our strategic goals for the short and long term and includes action plans for areas of priority. It will be reviewed and updated yearly.


Hoathly Hill Trust Ltd was founded in 1994 and was the latest in a series of community organisations and charitable trusts at Hoathly Hill working for the public benefit. It is a charitable company limited by guarantee with a small membership.

The Trust holds restricted funds for an Elderly Project and Arc Hall – a community building. Hoathly Hill Trust holds several leases of the Hoathly Hill Association Ltd, a housing association founded by members of Hoathly Hill Community. These are: The Sculpture Studio and the Herb Garden (lease number 27), Arc Hall (lease number 29), Ashurst Field (leases number 31 & 32) and The West Paddock (lease number 33).

The Trust’s charitable aims are:

  • the advancement of education
  • the relief of persons in need, sickness, hardship and distress.

Our key activity is to facilitate initiatives and projects which further our charitable objects and the public benefit. Currently we work with the following projects and initiatives:

  • Hoathly Hill Community
  • Hoathly Hill Association
  • Hoathly Hill Sculpture Studio
  • Hoathly Hill Herb Garden
  • Pericles Theatre Company
  • Hoathly Hill West Paddock, including:
  • Hoathly Hill Community Supported Agriculture
  • Hoathly Hill Forest Garden
  • The Bee Garden
  • The Compost Area
  • The Eldery Project.

Our main strategic aims are:

  • develop a business plan
  • expand our objects to better reflect our activities, to include the advancement of environmental protection and improvement and the advancement of community development
  • to extend our reach to the general public by reviewing existing projects and initiatives and inviting new proposals.

We have written this strategic plan for three reasons:

  • to aid the Board of Directors in their management of Hoathly Hill Trust Ltd
  • to engage members of the Trust, Hoathly Hill Community and potential partners in the plan and work in a participatory way in developing the plan based on feedback and input
  • to be able to communicate better with potential partners, new members, funders and other individuals and organisations about Hoathly Hill Trust.

In the following, we set out:

  • our vision, values and aims
  • where we are now
  • our future
  • strategic aims.


Vision, values and aims

Our vision

Our vision is to facilitate projects and initiatives which further our values, our charitable objects and the public benefit.

Our values

Our values are our guiding principles in the way we work as a board of directors and are the guiding principles of the projects and initiatives we work with. We aim to:

  • work collaboratively
  • work with openness and transparency
  • care for the environment
  • care for people and community life.

Our aims

Currently, Hoathly Hill Trust aims to facilitate projects and initiatives, which:

  • advance the education of the public, in particular, but not exclusively, by supporting and facilitating anthroposophical, sustainable development and social projects through the provision of our property and land as well as our organisational structure
  • relieve poverty, sickness, hardship and distress of the public, in particular, but not exclusively through a fund for the elderly as well as the education of children and the disabled.

Hoathly Hill Trust is hoping to expand our objects to include community and sustainable development to provide a better fit between our charitable objects and our activities, which are currently:

  • anthroposophical educational projects and initiatives, for example those such as community building, therapeutic and arts, care of the disabled and research
  • environmental projects and initiatives, for example those such as biodynamics, forest gardening, permaculture, community energy systems and research
  • community projects and initiatives, for example those such as community organisations, educational and environmental projects.


Where we are now

Our strengths

Hoathly Hill Trust facilitates and supports a wide variety of educational, environmental and community projects and initiatives. We are working collaboratively and efficiently as a new board of directors, who show great commitment in their trusteeship. We are pleased to have undertaken a comprehensive review of our activities and are looking to the future with anticipation.

Our challenges

Hoathly Hill Trust works on a very tight budget in particular with regard to Arc Hall. Our relationship with Hoathly Hill Community is both challenging and fundamental to the Trust and we are continually in consultation with community members in the day to day running and general direction of the Trust. It has been a challenge for the Trust to open up and invite new initiatives. We have had a long-term commercial relationship with two members of Hoathly Hill Community which has been less than ideal, perhaps most significantly in the nature of the relationship and the disproportionate about of time and resources used in its management. A review of the Trust was necessary to keep pace with change in particular the new requirements of the Charity Commission as well as with regard to the existing projects and their futures.

Our opportunities

We have begun a thorough review of Trust activities and regard this as a great opportunity to realise the potential of existing and new projects and initiatives as well as the potential of our assets, namely Arc Hall and Ashurst Field, as well as the West Paddock and the Sculpture Studio, in reflecting our aims and values. We aim to put Trust finances on a sound footing. We aim to nurture our relationship with Hoathly Hill Community, the local community and the wider community. We have an opportunity to explore collaborative working for the advancement of education, the environment and the community as well as those in particular need.

Our future

Hoathly Hill Trust aims to meet and work with our challenges and realise our vision and aims as a charitable trust. We will do this through the development of this strategic plan and detailed action plans for each of our strategic aims for the next three years. We will constantly develop this strategic plan in consultation with all involved.


Strategic aims

Our overall strategy is to:

  • review, assess our situation and develop our vision
  • develop the capacity, resilience and effectiveness of the organisation
  • reach out to new groups and sectors.

Our high priority strategic aims are:

  • put our finances on a sound footing
  • realise the potential of Arc Hall as an educational and community space
  • realise the potential of Ashurst Field to advance and improve the environment and showcase sustainability and care of the earth
  • expanding our objects
  • invite new initiatives
  • improve public relations
  • collect and store documentation efficiently.

Further important aims are:

  • review and development of existing projects and initiatives
  • improving public benefit
  • developing an organisational structure
  • increasing membership.



We have action plans for the above strategic aims.