life phase of the community

I wanted to research anthroposophical work on community life and this led me to work done by former community members on working in groups and the development of small organisations, in particular a book called, Vision in Action edited by Tyno Voors. In this book are models of the evolution of small organisations:


According to this model, Hoathly Hill was at the differentiation stage:

  • functional specialisation with the mandate system
  • new people coming in
  • unclarity of aims
  • need for review and renewal at all levels

The feelings I have picked up on in the community is one of pain from past and still living conflicts; resentment towards certain people and certain ways of doing things; looking to the past as the golden age; despair at the current lack of community and anthroposophical initiative; dis/satisfaction with the way things are; un/willingness to review or change things.

In 2012, Hoathly Hill Community had its fortieth birthday!