community life pathway

“The healthy social life is found

When in the mirror of the human soul

The whole community finds its reflection

And when in the community

The virtue of each one is living.”

The Social Ethic, Rudolph Steiner

Myself and my family moved to Hoathly Hill in July 2011. I have a vision of community living in which people work together to create an environment holding care of the earth and each other as sacred. My intention at Hoathly Hill was to engage in community living, to explore living and working with others. This intention to move to Hoathly Hill came before my intention to do a diploma. There is a beneficial connection between living in community and the permaculture diploma: living at Hoathly Hill I would naturally be engaging in initiatives with a lot of potential for earth care, people care and fair shares, and would allow me to explore how applying the ethics, principles and design tools of permaculture would shape my engagement with community.

I certainly had a vision of community living, but it was not my intention to impose my vision on others. My intention was and is learning and discovery, and this design is indeed a pilgrimage and to a great extent an exercise of observation, engagement and reflection. The project that resulted was borne of my observations and my intention to listen to what is living in the community.

My vision of community life…

working together caring for the earth and each other

The design


The highlights for me…

realising the beauty and potential here


sitting round the fire together


working together