January 2014

renovation and cleaning

  • emptying greenhouse prior to work
  • cleaning outdoor space in front of doors to be able to fully open doors
  • clearance of work tops (gravel and plastic liner)
  • removal of work tops (asbestos cement sheets), leaving frame structure in place
  • removal of door panels (asbestos cement sheets)
  • disposal of asbestos cement sheets in specific container at Burgess Hill Recycling Site, having wrapped them up in extra thick plastic and taped beforehand (£6.04)
  • replacement of several broken glass panels (£15)
  • replacement of door panels with wooden boards (bolts invoice on plastic sheet invoice)
  • rebuilding work top with boards from Mid Sussex Recycling Project
  • (timber £110, screws £6.60)
  • worktop treated with linseed oil (left over from previous use)
  • wooden panel on southeast wall repaired and gravel surrounding reinstated to allow wooden panels of wall to dry
  • pruning back shrubs on northeast wall and clearing vegetation at ground level
  • of wooden panels to allow wooden panels of wall to dry
  • building of two raised beds with plastic liner on inside of walls and filled with compost from West Paddock and soil improver from KPS (screws £8.39, soil improver £19.95)
  • some timber left on site for future shelving/raised bed
  • cleaning inside and out

Total cost of materials £180.98


greenhouse before winter


February – April 2014

I used seeds I already had from previous years and seed swaps, I also bought seeds for the greenhouse, our garden and allotment for the year, totally around £30.

raised beds: Oriental greens, spring onions, onions, garlic, chives, rocket, beans, peas, carrots, beetroot

seedlings: spinach, kale, broad beans, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, squash

pots: as raised beds

April – May 2014

raised beds: seedling tomatoes, cucumber, leafy veg

pots: spring pots moved outside, seedling tomatoes, cucumber, squash

Summer 2014

raised beds: tomatoes, cucumber, courgette, leafy veg

pots: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers inside and out

greenhouse produce


September 2014

raised beds: again as in spring

pots: winter veg for inside and out

seedlings: winter veg