community greenhouse design

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“The greenhouse environment is created by the grower, who becomes the guardian of the plants and at the same time takes over the responsibilities of Mother Nature.”

Heinz Grotzke, Biodynamic Greenhouse Management

“From the ecology of the soil to the building’s role in the larger farm system and from the daily work schedule to the seasonal cycles, a complex web of energy, nutrients and organisms act as a whole system – and we are its directors.”

Darrel Frey, Bioshelter Market Gardens

The community greenhouse just neighbouring our garden was a great resource for the community and ourselves as community members. I held responsibility for the greenhouse for the community and after a period of over a year of observation decided to design to realise the potential of the growing space. It also gave me an opportunity to do a small-scale land-based design for my diploma.

The vision for the community greenhouse…

a multi-functional community greenhouse for year-round growing

The design

greenhouse plan view summer autumn

Highlights for me were…

realising the potential of this resource

greenhosue winter sun max