zones and connections design

Zones within the building

The main elements of design were relocating the main activity space of the kindergarten to the main space in the building, as well as reducing kindergarten equipment.

AH zones

The design for the kindergarten set up was made in consultation with the kindergarten teacher/manager. There was agreement that:

  • the kindergarten would use much less equipment and therefore require less storage space, ie only in the storage cupboard and in the niche off the main space, which is curtained off the main space
  • the kindergarten would completely clear the space when needed for other users and their equipment is designed for ease of doing this, eg shelves on wheels
  • the kindergarten would use the main space for its main activities and eating so strengthen the connections between the kitchen and this zone and to solve the problem of children running around in circles at arrival time
  • the entrance space would be made welcoming by a group of community members and parents of the kindergarten and the neighbouring Barn building made available for parents to stay for a cup or tea of coffee through self-organisation.

Connections to the building

Connections to the building are shown on the map, with visitors routes in and out of the community as well as important entrance zones.

AH zones connections

Connections to the building for visitors will be reinforced by:

  • producing a map for visitors showing the parking options and routes to the building
  • the entrances to the community will be made welcoming by groups of community members
  • clear and welcoming signage for parking spaces and directions
  • the routes through the community for kindergarten children will be marked by stones painted by children and adults in the community
  • offering events to the local community, ie tours, talks, workshops, films etc (see financial design).