people and visions

AH kitchen photo

Hoathly Hill Community

Key themes from visioning sessions and community meetings regarding Arc Hall are:

  • support for a kindergarten
  • space should be cleared when kindergarten not in session
  • the community needs to be informed of use of spaces
  • conflicting impulse in the community for a functioning office space
  • proposal for use of current office as a meditation room.

Kindergarten Manager

The current Kindergarten Manage was interviewed:

  • the sand pit sand need to be replaced and sand pit fitted with a cover
  • drains in patio area need repairing to address flooding of patio and east path
  • entrance area to patio needs paving/brickwork
  • bees need to be removed
  • would like a mud pit
  • would like a vegetable path
  • would like water in the patio area
  • the kitchen area ideally would have two sinks
  • the kitchen area needs an oven for baking.

See also the Trust strategy for the building.