finance design

The finance design took into account the Finance Strategy produced by fellow trustees.

The budget is limited and the key action point to receive investment were decided by trustees in consultation with Hoathly Hill Community to be the setting up of a kindergarten under the Trust to ensure continuity of a kindergarten business in Arc Hall, as well as a website with the multiple functions of showcasing the initiatives and activities of Hoathly Hill Trust, allowing donations, a web presence for the new kindergarten, online invitation for new initiatives and advertising availability for hire for Arc Hall. Further priorities for action would then have to be zero or low cost and prioritised according to greatest impact.

Three strategies for improving the financial stability of the building are:

ensure hire of the building by a kindergarten:

  • preferably (as originally intended) through a kindergarten business owned by HHT to ensure continuity of care and financial security

increase hire of building advertise the building for hire and for events:

  • set up a website with availability for hire and calendar of events
  • advertise in local media: Hoathly Hub, Michael Hall, etc
  • advertise online as a community building: Halls for Hire, etc
  • call for new initiatives to hire the building for educational, community and children/youth activities
  • create a buzz around the building by putting on events, talks and tours and advertising in local media

improve ecological impact of the building – powering down and powering up:

  • implement low-cost power down solutions
  • install solar thermal and pv