energy survey

AH controls

  • type of dwelling: detached
  • age: completed 2000
  • rooms: four spaces (two ground floor spaces separated by folding doors, attic currently used as a library/meeting space, separate room currently a disused office space), two toilets (one disabled, one with two children’s toilets), kitchen niche
  • heating system: community biomass boiler, immersion heater, piping for solar thermal, underfloor heating, controls
  • roof: cedar shingles treated for rot and fire, breathing wall construction, 200mm Warmcell insulation
  • external walls: breathing wall construction, mainly 150mm feather edge weather board, Tyvek HD Plus membrane with 150mm Warmcell insulation
  • internal walls: some to have 75mm rockwool RW5
  • flooring: foundations 1.2m deep, mass concrete with four courses of cavity brickwork, 50mm cavity filled with rockwool cavity batts, Wisbo underfloor heating matrix with diffusion plates, insulation 75mm rockwool, wooden flooring – attic floor, rockwool between joists
  • heating habits: controls used to time heating to be on when in use, regularly checked
  • water use: high flow taps in bathrooms and kitchen, with two push down taps in children’s toilet
  • doors: four external, wood frames, double glazed, main entrance heated, no significant draughts found, external doors to patio difficult to open and close also with damp at bottom level of glass pane
  • windows: Rationale Domus double glazed safety glass 26mm, pine frames, window area ?, no significant draughts found, windows next to external doors to patio are difficult to open and close, some windows with evidence of damp, blinds on east facing wall windows, curtains on external doors to north and south
  • drainage: guttering leading to soakaway to nearby pond, patio drains become easily blocked with sand from sand pit, drains have sunken causing flooding in patio area and path around build on eastern face
  • ventilation: extractor fans in bathrooms, breathing wall construction to roof and walls
  • renewable potential: insulated water tank 450×1200 with twin coils and plumbing installed to support solar hot water system, large south facing roof
  • lighting: daylight: all main spaces at least double aspect, low windows, light bulbs ground floor (21 recessed ceiling lights, 2 hanging ceiling lights, 7 wall lights, none LEDs
  • appliances: kettle and fridge, energy rating unknown
  • energy supplier: EDF
  • solar potential: orientation of roof SSW
  • structural survey: off-site prefabricated timber frame fixed to concrete foundations by steel connectors, wall plate of external stud walls strapped to supporting brickwork, some boarding on south wall needs repair, outside stair treads need proofing for stability, guttering in good order
  • estimated U values: roof 0.18W/m2k, walls 0.22W/m2k, floor 0.25W/m2k, windows 1.33W/m2K

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