current Trust strategy

Strategic plan

Hoathly Hill Trust, owner of the building, carried out a review at the end of 2013 (part of my Community Life Pathway), which resulted in a strategic plan for the organisation. Within that plan was a strategy for Arc Hall and the financing of Arc Hall. The board of trustees carried out a simple SWOT analysis as a foundation for the strategy based on their experience of managing the building for many years.

SWOT analysis



Arc Hall Strategy Jan 2014

  • review the financing and develop a strategy
  • consult with HHC about their vision for Arc Hall & clarify usage agreement
  • review booking policy
  • invite new users from September 2014
  • develop library and office spaces
  • publicise availability for hire locally
  • make renovations and repairs to the building as necessary
  • detailed project proposal by March 2015
  • apply for funding to develop Arc Hall as a community educational building.

Arc Hall Finance Strategy March 2014


The short-term strategy for Arc Hall should be to break even on its income and expenditure accounts.


The medium term strategy should be for Arc Hall to make a surplus on its income and expenditure accounts and begin repaying some of its borrowings to the General Fund.


The long term strategy should be for Arc Hall to make a large enough surplus on its income and expenditure accounts to enable it to repay on an instalment basis it’s short-term and long term debts.