analysis 2

Key findings


  • soil has good depth, but needs invigorating and improving
  • vegetation is stressed as plants are flowering very early in the season
  • the field has certain microclimates identified by survey participants through feeling into different areas of the field


  • community dynamics around the field remain tense
  • lack of community members engaging with the land
  • survey participants see much potential in the field
  • two main visions for the site were expressed: ‘a community farm’ or ‘sustainable Hoathly Hill’

Key points of intervention

The implementation of the Strategic Plan requires an incremental design process suitable for community participation, collaboration and facilitative of engaging with the land. It was clear that more surveying had to be done both by people responsible for managing the land and people interested in the field and people proposing projects and a plan for the sustainable management of the field for at least one year was needed in the absence of project proposals.