analysis 1

Key findings


  • little information from site surveying so far possible
  • from research: community land projects offer a way of meeting the ethics of permaculture


  • who is currently involved?: Hoathly Hill Trust, several members of Hoathly Hill Community tentatively interested in engaging with the land
  • who might be involved?: Plaw Hatch Farm, Hans-Guenther Kern, a biodynamic teacher and facilitator of biodynamic land projects
  • who are the designers?: initially myself in collaboration with fellow trustees
  • community dynamics: troubled with regard to the field and new initiatives
  • who will commit to working on this project?: lots of hesitation
  • organisational structure

Application of permaculture ethics & principles

Applying permaculture ethics and principles to the field will form the basis for the main objectives and guiding principles of the design.

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Key points of intervention

From the initial survey and analysis, it was evident that there was a process of change in terms of the management of the field and people actively engaging with the field that needed to happen. Several key points of intervention can be identified:


sustainable land management: introducing holistic land management practice (according to permaculture principles), valuing biodynamic land practice as the accepted land management strategy within the community


building engagement with the field: getting to know the land through more surveying, inviting initiatives to come forward, building a vision and framework for managing the land sustainably